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Now that we've seen and voted on all 13 Mobisodes I thought it would useful to show all the ratings in a table to see how we all voted and rated them. I've also included a new player that will allow you to view all the Mobisodes easily.

I also wanted to say a massive thanks to everyone who made getting these modisodes up a full week before ABC aired them. First and foremost to Video Susan for getting up early every morning and recording the mobisodes from her phone. It took a lot of time and effort to do those. Also thanks to Transcript Susan for providing full transcripts of the mobisodes each week for those who could not see/hear them at the time, and finally to Sergio for "obtaining" the HQ versions for us for the last few weeks.

Personally I quite enjoyed most of them and found them to be a good filler and something for us Lost fans to keep us busy leading up to the S4 Premiere and they generated a lot of discussion. My personal favourite was also the best rated one, that of that pesky Vincent... It also looks like if Mr Neil Frogurt is introduced he may become the new Nikki and Paulo ;)

DarkUFO reader Fludge has kindly put together this recap of all the mobisodes HERE. Agree/disagre with any of the comments?

So enjoy the player and let us know what you thought of the mobisodes along with your favourites. Feel free to add the player to your own site/blog using the embed code.

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