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Update: 19:30 For those of you having problems with the flash below, I strongly recommend that you install and use the excellent and free Firefox browser and then install the Flash Plugin from Adobe.

Here is a repost of the spoilers for Eggtown that we provided on the 18th Feb and then subsequently had to take down. Here they are again in the full for those of you that missed them the first time. These are from my source, Post Produxtion.

I highly recommend that you do NOT view this information but if you do please can I ask that you respect the following:

1) Do not post this information on other sites without proper warning/spoiler tags.
2) Do not take this embedded flash paper and place it on your own site, please link back here so people have a final chance to turn away.
3) Please do not post the details of the this in any of the comments on other posts in this site. If you do the comments will be deleted and you might be banned.


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