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More leaks than the Titanic

Update: 26th Jan It looks like I got a little carried away and did not fully check all the facts posted with my source last night, my apologies, I'm only human ;) We will be posting an InsiderScoop style synopsis of part of Episode 4.01 sometime this weekend when we've got it written up. I've removed the spoilers below as they were causing confusion as they had mixed in some half-truths in with some facts.

A new post will be online later today/tomorrow depending on how much time we have to get all the info together in a post. Thanks for your patience and apologies again for "jumping the gun" posting these without fully checking with my sources.

Update: 23:00 GMT After speaking to one of my contacts I've removed a couple of the spoilers as they are not 100% accurate. The gist of them was but the exact details were slightly off so I've updated the graphic behind the Are You Sure button.

Well it looks like ABC's policy of tightening up on spoilers has failed miserably yet again with 3 sites currently getting insider info. These people are probably betraying friends trusts who obviously let them watch the episodes but then could not resist "spilling the beans" around the net. Well let's hope that by betraying their friends trust that it does not get them fired.

These people have been spreading spoilers over at The Fuselage, LostTV and BuddyTV forums. I'm sure they are in other forums as well but those were the ones I found them.

I've put them behind a "Are you sure" button as a few of them are fairly big although not as big as the recent Eggtown spoilers. I've compiled the various spoilers into a single post in the original posters own text although I've fixed a couple of spelling errors. I've added them as a graphic so that people using the RSS feeds won't be spoiled unless they want to click on the graphic.

Tip: For those wanting to avoid spoilers I would recommend not going on any Unmoderated forum or spoiler sections as I'm sure there will be some sad individual who will start spreading these around even more.

Feel free to discuss these spoilers in the comments below but please respect your fellow DarkUFO readers by not posting in other threads/posts.

Finally...... Is there anyone out there who has not seen the first 4 episodes yet ;)

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