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New Spoiler Game (*Day 3 Update*)

Update: Day 3 Well the good news is that some of you have been getting very close with guessing the final spoiler but you're not quite there yet. The bad news is that you selected "E" to be revealed, selecting O would have revealed more letters as well as probably allowing you to solve it. I have a feeling though that today will see the complete spoiler revealed anyway. We'll have to make the next one a LOT harder :)

You can see the updated puzzle below and hopefully with the addition of the "E"'s. If the puzzle isn't completed today then you will have to vote on another set of letters.

xx xx xxxxIxx xxxxE xx xIDxxxE xIDx xx x xxIxED IxEx xxxx xxE xExxxxxx xxxxExxIxx xx xxxxx xxxxx: x xxxxxxx xxxx xxE xxxxx xxxx xxIx.

Update: Day 2 Well you selected the letter "D" and I can tell you that that was the best choice in terms of letters being revealed but was it the best choice in terms of getting some better clues? Today we have a new poll and hopefully this will lead to a lot of letters being removed tomorrow, so choose wisely ;)

Update: Day 1 Ok, we have our first letter to be revealed as voted by you and it's the letter "I", which was a good choice as it revealed more letters than any of the other letters in the poll. You can see the updated puzzle below.

We have a new poll up today, so vote wisely and lets see if you can guess any of the partial words? The winning letter will be revealed in 24 hours time.

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