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I've recently contacted a number of my very secret sources to see if they had anything that they could reveal to me about upcoming episodes. I've copied portions of the replies from 4 of my sources which I've posted below. As soon as we have more I'll be posting on the site and as one source suggested these will be behind "Are you sure" buttons for those that don't want to know. These are all from my Season 2/3 Sources and are 100% reliable. Speaking to my contacts we suggested/joked that the Shipper sites, forums and message boards could cause the Internet to implode after episode 4.04!

From going through all my contacts, I've now full episode information for the first 8 episodes, which we will post as soon as they allow me to release.

Source 1 on Episodes 3 and 4
"hi dark.Yes we've worked on the first 4 episodes but i cannot release any spoilers yet as this would give my indent away I feel.
All I can say is that episodes 3 and 4 are some of the best lost episodes I've worked on. All I will allow you post is to say is episode 3 -sayid - features a great ending and shooting and episode 4 - kate - had one of the best endings ive seen. sawyer and kate (skaters? is that right?) fans will not be happy!Info after the >>>>> you cannot post yet until i give you the goahead"

Source 2 on Episode 4
"And the end is so fucking good oh my God!!! If your wife or girlfriend watches this show it will be her favorite episode. This one is one for the shipper legends!"

Source 3 on Episode 4
"Andy the only thing I can tell you so far is that episode 4 features an amazing twist. You should make sure when I send you the info that you provide a massive warning before people read it as it really should be watched rather than spoilt in advance. I will send you more info later when its closer to air date and you can decide how best to release it.Enjoy your holiday."

Source 4 on Episodes 2, 3 and 4
".....no that i cant confirm to you sorry maybe later, there are some very powerful scenes in 4-4 and to a lesser extent 4-3 .......

there will be a dharma artifact found but it is not on the island and is found by one of the new people......

...you are correct andy, that is a polar bear skull but like the dharma object it is not on the island

.. ill try to send you a full breakdown of episode 1 and 2 in a few weeks but i need to be more careful this year but from the questions you have asked it seems you have at least one other real insider"

Source: DarkUFO

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