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I have good news and bad news for you folks.

The bad news is that some of you overreacted a bit and said some very unkind things while pondering the meaning of this video. Fortunately, we shrugged these comments off.

The good news is that our dear friend Memento need not eat his head. The mysterious “?” video is in fact a teaser for the start of the Season 4 Lost Fantasy League here on DarkUFO’s site. Since Lost will be moving to Thursdays in America (where I am from), which is currently when Fantasy Updates are posted, and since Dark and I need a few days to put all the data together, Fantasy Updates will be moving to Mondays, starting on February 4th. This will also work out great for Lost fans in the UK, as Lost is set to air Sundays, beginning on the 3rd. If you live in a country where Lost returns to the airwaves on or after February 4th, all I can say is hopefully you will resist the urge to check out your scores before watching the episode.

A few of you managed to go through the 30 second video frame by frame. Doing so reveals an individual photo of all 35 League characters mixed in with screencaps from past episodes, screencaps from the Season 4 trailers, a few images from The Lost Experience, and a few random images of boats and helicopters that have nothing to do with Season 4 whatsoever.

The hidden clues, which were all found, included “2/4” appearing on the static screens and the phrase “They are coming…” quickly changing to “It is coming…” towards the end of the video. There is also a “2/4” that appears in Locke’s eye at the very end, but it’s too blurry to be seen here. As some of you figured out, the chaotic noise track is from the film “28 Days Later.”

The reason this video was placed in the Spoilers section is because of the inclusion of Season 4 trailer images. Most people have seen the trailers by now, but the decision was made to err on the side of caution in case any spoiler-free purists still haven’t watched said trailers.

I’ve never claimed to be a video expert and wasn’t trying to make it too hard to figure out. It was only intended to be something to get people talking and to re-spark some interest in the League. I’m glad most of you enjoyed it! Sorry if you’re among those who felt ripped off.

See you soon,


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