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Here is AICN's take on tonights episode.

* This week’s flash-forwards belong to (a maternal) Kate Austen.
* We’ll learn why Kate’s hinder isn’t languishing in stir.
* Beardless Jack Shephard turns up in Los Angeles.
* These are the last flash-forwards until 4.7, said to be the last episode before the multi-week break.
* John Locke will release Ben Linus from the rec room.
* The captive Miles will make a deal with the less-captive Kate.
* Over a box of Dharma vino, Kate will make a eyebrow-raising proposal to James Ford.
* Jack, Juliet, Dan and C.S. Lewis will be informed that the helicopter carrying Sayid, Desmond, Frank and Naomi did not get where it was going.
* We may learn how a major cast member – one introduced in the series pilot – meets his or her untimely demise. (Hint: It’s not Rose.)

Source: AICN

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