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Episode Centric: Desmond
Air Date: 28th Feb 2008

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Guest List
Guest starring are Jeremy Davies as Daniel Faraday, Rebecca Mader as Charlotte, Jeff Fahey as Frank Lapidus, Alan Dale as Charles Widmore, Sonya Walger as Penelope “Penny” Widmore, Graham McTavish as sergeant, Darren Keefe as Billy, Edward Conery as auctioneer, Marc Vann as doctor, Fisher Stevens as George Minkowski, Kevin Durand as Keamy and Anthony Azizi as Omar.

Sayid and Desmond hit a bit of turbulence on the way to the freighter, which causes Desmond to experience some unexpected side effects

Episode 4.05
Shoots: 10/5 - 10/18

[RAY] 40s-50s, any ethnicity, psychiatrist, cold, professional type who can do what's necessary to get the job done...VERY NICE CO-STAR THAT COULD TURN INTO A POSSIBLE RECUR AS A GUEST STAR

[ALFRED] 40s-50s, Caucasian, British, cool and calm under pressure, knows his place in society and knows how to handle members of the upper classes...CO-STAR. IMPECCABLE BRITISH ACCENT.

[BANNERMAN] Mid 40s, any ethnicity, narcoleptic, can fall asleep at the drop of a hat, but has an important piece of information to tell. A very smart technician by trade...GUEST STAR.

[BILLY] Mid to late 20s, Caucasian, British, a good buddy to have, willingly to listen but won't take too much gruff before he'll knock you in line...NICE CO-STAR. IMPECCABLE BRITISH ACCENT.

[FOLEY] 40s - 50s, any ethnicity, British, physically fit, tough task master, unrelenting. A performance reminiscent of R. Lee Ermey in "Full Metal Jacket"... NICE CO-STAR. IMPECCABLE BRITISH ACCENT.

[LARSON] Late 20s - 30s, any ethnicity, smart, dangerous but capable of charm and humor. Tough military type. Follows orders and doesn't question them...GUEST STAR, POSSIBLE RECUR.

[KEAMY] Late 20s - 30s, any ethnicity, dangerous, physical - a great tactician, loyal friend and the last enemy you ever want. Military type. Follows orders and doesn't question them...GUEST STAR, POSSIBLE RECUR .

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