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Good news, “Lost” fans: With the end of the Writers Guild strike, the ABC drama - slated to run just for eight episodes - may be able to roll out a complete, 16-installment season this spring.

That’s according to Reuben Games, a former Boston waiter who you might recognize as one of the ubiquitous “extra” castaways in the hit show.

“We have eight episodes done, and two have already aired,” said Games, a former Sonsie server who left Boston to try show biz more than 10 years ago. “It takes two weeks to film an episode so if we get going right away, we might be able to pull it off.”

Games, who is in Hawaii awaiting the restart of “Lost” shooting, got his big break right inside the Newbury Street eatery when he waited on Anna Strasberg, the widow of famed acting coach Lee Strasberg, and charmed his way into a spot in the oh-so-prestigious Lee Strasberg Theater Institute in New York.

But success has been a long time coming for Games, who previously went by the name Reuben Gonzales. In fact, he was ready to chuck the whole acting thing for real estate when a casting director from “Lost” gave him a call.

“It’s been a great ride and it led me here,” he said from his apartment in Oahu.

Currently, Reuben - and a dozen or so other bit players - wander around in the background during many “Lost” scenes, playing other survivors of the plane crash who have no storylines. He said he is hoping that, at some point, the writers will integrate them into the action.

Unfortunately, an earlier attempt to do just that, with background survivors Nikki and Paulo, (Kiele Sanchez and Rodrigo Santoro) didn’t fly with “Lost” fans and the couple was quickly killed off.

The same fate may be awaiting Reuben & Co. because, he said, the seen-but-not-heard castaways are starting to be killed off.

“I’m hoping for a glorious end,” he joked.

In the meantime, Games said he doesn’t really have any inside scoop on what’s in store for “Lost” viewers except for this nugget: Dominic Monaghan, who plays Charlie, the rock ’n’ roll doper who died heroically at the end of last season, is still kicking around Hawaii. So might Charlie still be alive?

“I think he’s really dead,” said Reuben, “But I’ve seen him running around Oahu, so who knows.”

Source: Boston Herald

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