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Thanks to Lyly for the heads up.

Carrie in Columbus, Ohio: After that awful Kate-Sawyer fight in last week's Lost, I felt like I did when Ross and Rachel broke up for the first time in Friends. Angst is great, especially between Kate and Sawyer, but can you tell us if there's any chance they'll make up or at least share some scenes in upcoming episodes?
Sawyer and Kate are totally on a break for at least episodes five and six. No word yet on if during said break Sawyer sleeps with the girl from the copy place. That said, Skaters, don't tune out yet. From what I've heard, even sans Skate, eps five and six are absolute barn burners.

Diana in Phoenix: Anything on Juliet from Lost?
Her upcoming flashback ep is entirely located on the Island. And yet it guest stars Alan Dale as Charles Widmore. That's what Arsenio would call a thing that makes you go hmmm...

David in Dallas: Do you have anything on my favorite Other: Juliet?
She's going on a little field trip to the Orchid Station. As in the station unveiled this summer at Comic-Con, with the "highly volatile and potentially dangerous" research—and them creepy numbered bunnies. I'm also hearing something about a field of skeletons...

Benny in El Paso, Texas: Do you have any scoop on Jacket in Juliet's episode? Thanks!
I'm told she's the one who initiates the kiss. Tramp! Kidding. Love her.

Keeping Awake in Montclair, New Jersey: How will Ken Leung's New York stage commitment affect Lost? Is he already off the show?
I suspect an understudy for that play might be getting his big shot sometime soon. Ken's people didn't have an official restart date for Lost, so they've been going ahead with other jobs, but Ken's contracted through the season to play regular character Miles, so don't assume Locke's breakfast of champions did him in, at least not yet. Meanwhile, our girl Gina Serpe hit the Independent Spirit Awards on Saturday, and Fisher Stevens (Minkowski, the guy tied to the bed in this week's Lost previews) said he would be returning to Hawaii next week to resume filming his role on Lost. (Join me in a Snoopyx dance joy at the news that Lost is back in front of the cameras soon!)

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