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Following the Tailies and the Others, another group of newcomers has landed on Lost.

While hurrying to get their show back into production, producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse e-mailed a quick introduction to "the freighter people," who supposedly helicoptered onto the island from a boat out in the Pacific: "They are the first true 'outsiders' to come to the island since our crash survivors, and that makes them unique. In addition to keeping the flashback premise alive with mysteries of their own, these guys fit into the overall story in ways that will become abundantly clear as the season unfolds."

Here's more on Lost's fresh faces.

Ken Leung, 38

Character: Miles Straume, the hotheaded L.A.-based ghostbuster who takes cash to rid people's homes of spirits.

Producers' hint: "Miles isn't here to make friends. He's here for something else. And it ain't what he told us at the end of Episode 2. (That they had come for Ben.)"

Where you may have seen him:The Sopranos, Rush Hour, Keeping the Faith

Quotable: Described as shy by some, Leung concedes, "I've been hard to get to know." But during breaks in filming, he has found a "smoking mate" in Naveen Andrews (Sayid). As for his character, Leung says, "I trust the dead more than the living." Much remains a mystery, but he is most curious to learn for whom Miles grieves.

Jeremy Davies, 38

Character: Daniel Faraday, described as a "head case." He was seen sobbing in front of his TV set in Massachusetts as he watched news footage of the salvaging of sunken Oceanic Flight 815.

Producers' hint: "Physics can be fun. They can also be incredibly dangerous. Watch Faraday demonstrate both."

Where you might have seen him:Saving Private Ryan, Charles Manson in the 2004 TV remake of Helter Skelter

Quotable: Davies declined an interview request.

Jeff Fahey, 55

Character: Frank Lapidus, the pilot who was supposed to have flown Flight 815 and was a friend of the pilot who took his place.

Producers' hint: "Lapidus is like a lot of fans of Lost— he never takes anything at face value. A true conspiracy nut, he has probably seen every episode of TheX-Files, and that's going to pay off for him."

Where you might have seen him:Lawnmower Man, Silverado, TV's The Marshall

Quotable: Having volunteered for years at Afghan orphanages, Fahey says his relocation to Hawaii is "a dream." One sweet coincidence: Frank was his late father's name, and his mother is getting a kick out of that. He has had fun working with Josh Holloway (Sawyer), his co-star in the 2001 film Cold Heart, and Andrews, with whom he appeared in Grindhouse.

Source: USA Today

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