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Thanks to lostfan831 for the following.

Harold did an interview with the Erik and Kathy show on a local Chicago radio station this morning (101.9 the mix www.wtmx.com). I don't think they post the audio on their website, but basically, Erik and Kathy asked if Michael was Ben's man on the boat, and Harold said -- that's Ben's perception. Harold then realized that he slipped and shouldn't have said that.

Wish I could get the audio, it was pretty funny. Harold did say that we'd see this on tonight's episode.

and thanks to chicagorob1 for this version.

This morning, during a phone interview on the Eric and Kathy Radio Show in Chicago, Harold Perrineau let slip something about his role as Ben's mole on the boat. When asked if he was really there working for Ben he stated,"At least that's Ben's point of view. (There was a moment of silence) Oops, I said too much, I let that slip by mistake."

When the radio hosts pushed him for more info, Harold kind of clammed up and sounded kind of nervous.

"I don't want to give anything else away by mistake.", he replied.

Finally, they asked him if he was Walt all grown up, he laughed out loud and said that was the first time he heard of that theory..."

Source: SpoilerTV

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