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Here is the latest Doc Jensen tease for tonights episode. DarkUFO recapper Vozzek69 gets a mention as do we. Jensen talks to Damon Lindelof and clears a few things up from last weeks episode, The Constant, as well.

A dollop of tasty info designed to whet your appetite for tonight's episode of Lost, the sixth episode of this fantastic fourth season, a Juliet-centric flashback outing called ''The Other Woman.'' Executive producer Carlton Cuse was gracious enough to spill the following:

''Finally! Ben's gonna tell us who sent that damn freighter!''

Whoa! Now that's a big-time tease for you! Thanks, Captain Cuse!

You know, wouldn't it be a fiendish twist if we find out that the man behind the freighter is none other than... Ben himself!? That's what reader Tom Champoux thinks. A fan of both Lost and The Usual Suspects, Doc Champoux sent me an e-mail arguing that Ben is pulling a ''Keyser Soze'' — creating a fictitious big bad to further manipulate our heroes and advance his big-picture agenda. ''I think he hired the freighter folk through some Kobayashi butler,'' writes Champoux, whose theory could explain the mysterious identity of Matthew Abbaddon. Regardless, he says, ''I think Ben was being honest when he told Michael at the end of season 2, 'I'm one of the good guys.'''

Tom, I like the crazy/scary/morally ambiguous way you think.

Source: Doc Jensen @ EW

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