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Thanks to Lyly for the heads up.

I'm feeling a bit of nostalgia over previewing "The Other Woman," because I was onset during the filming! What is it like being on the set of Lost? Enormously interesting; Lost has a crew that just makes visiting a special experience from beginning to end. Since they know I was there, and I made certain promises to certain people, I have to be a bit restrained on what I can say about what went on in the actual episode. Luckily for us, there is already a bit out there.

Lost 4.06 "The Other Woman" concerns Juliet's encounter with one of the mysterious "others." This person tells Juliet that she must stop Daniel and Charlotte from what they are doing, no matter what. What are they doing? That's a very good question, particularly in the wake of the huge download that was "The Constant."

A few assumptions can be made. We know for sure that Daniel understands the forces that exist on the island. It seems likely that Charlotte is aware of what the Dharma Initiative was involved in, she definitely knew exactly where to look for the Dharma collar on that polar bear in "Confirmed Dead." We know from the San Diego Comic Con video that there is another Dharma station called "The Orchid," which is somehow connected to duplicating bunnies. See where I'm going with this?

In the preview tacked on at the end of "The Constant," we see Charlotte cold cocking Kate, and Charlotte and Daniel in hazmat suits working in what appears to be, yes, a Dharma station. Charlotte also says something to the extent of "If you want to stop us, you'll have to kill us." Something tells me Daniel isn't going to be okay with that proposition.

As for what I saw, I can tell you I went to 'Otherton' and hung out for an afternoon. Michael Emerson, Josh Holloway, Jorge Garcia, and Elizabeth Mitchell were there along with a few secret people. The shooting was insanely repetitive, as you can imagine, and was testament to that crews dedication to getting things 'just right.' At the time we were visiting I knew nothing about season 4, so what I was seeing made absolutely no sense. As the season has rolled on it has made more and more sense every week, but the fact that I can't tell you what was going should indicate that there ARE big surprises yet to come. Otherton is nowhere near getting back to normal.

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