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We have posted several set pics and reports from what seems like a funeral that Sayid will be attending in Iraq for his love Nadia.

Well an extra during that filming has posted a blog about her experience on the set, confirming Naveen Andrews (Sayid) was on set and that it was indeed a funeral for Nadia in Tikrit, Iraq.

Here are the details:

I jumped up the stairs into the hair trailer with my hijab in hand. I was led to the seat right next to NA. I sat down, still mortified by the little convo outside, and tried to completely pretend it hadn't happened, firing off tons of questions for the hair stylist. But NA was making some great political jokes, and had everyone giggling about historical figures trying to affect change. Obviously I was ineffectively ignoring him. I self consciously stifled a giggle. He looked up at me, and I don't know what got in to me, but I looked away!! Awkward....

.....Once on the set, it was a chore not trip over my abaya, or trip someone else with it! Incense was burning everywhere. Totaled cars were smoldering with more incense and more smoke. It was pretty stinky. The first scene was in Tikrit. Well, anyway, the taxis said Tikrit Taksi. It was a funeral procession for Sayid's wife. That is what I got from an extra that had filmed the day before. We were never exactly told that on the set. There were many takes of the scene. I doubt I made it in the scene. I was standing on the edge of the procession. The directors kept coming in for narrower and narrower shots of the procession. Still, I was chased down by many hair folks, constantly tucking back my hair that polked out with a comb, pulling my hijab forward, safety pinning the hijab to my abaya, all in between takes.

Source: TheODI.com

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