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More filming updates

Thanks to Sonic for finding this.

The filming location at HCC is still intact, BTW. Apparently they were filming just Thursday and Friday, so no one was there. My Dad drove me over there this afternoon and we took a look around. It's really neat looking. Looks like war-torn Iraq for a Sayid flashback. There is no security and you can walk right on in (or at least no major security. We thought there was one guy sitting in a security car with his back to us in the lot where all the production trucks were, but he didn't get up the entire time we were there -not even with my dad loudly pointing out details).

-we noticed that one of the apartments on the third floor of the building in the back looks blackened and burned out
-there's a restaurant/bar area on one side that looks like it probably had people sitting at it since there were a bunch of chairs inside
-the car in the center has a wooden structure around it marked with "top" and "bottom", so it probably was featured predominantly in the scene, and the archway just behind it had scrapes on the side of it as if the car had ploughed through it and scraped the sides.
-and there are posters of Saddam Hussein on the walls painted over with graffiti

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