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Here is the final snippet for tonights episode, I've included the previous 6 below as well.

7. At the end Juliet warns Jack to stay away from her because Ben has killed the last men who tried to possess her. Jack and Juliet have a significant kiss. And Jack says he (Ben) can come and get him.

Previous Snippets

1. The others have a therapist. And we find out she was married to Goodwin.

2. Daniel and Charlotte have taken the gas masks and left everyone else to make their way to the new hatch.

3. In a romantic flashback we find out Goodwin works at the new hatch. Dealing with some type of reactors.

4. Charlotte and Daniel want to shutdown the hatch because Ben could use it to gas the whole island.

5. Ben admits that Juliet was chosen to be his, as in a mate. Not to be with Goodwin. And that he wouldn't let Goodwin leave the tailies group specifically because he wanted him to get killed. This all becomes clear to Juliet as Ben shows her Goodwins dead body.

6. Juliet finds out Daniel and Charlotte are there to stop Ben and are more good guys then bad. She doesn't shoot them.

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