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ABC Today held a teleconference for the press and although I could not attend my good friend The ODI was able to dial in on our behalf and take notes. Below is a summary of the key points from the call.

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A MASSIVE thanks to The ODI who was able to attend this call a scribble down as much as possible from the talk.

DocArzt who was also on the call has his write up here. and you can listen to the full audio here.

- S5 planned for last week of Jan
- We will return to Penny and Desmond but Sonya Walgner is in high demand in her current show on HBO, but we will use her again when she is available.
- Next season time slots - depend on what happens with these next 5 epi after greys no one knows
- No comment about if there were recent filming secnes in London.
- The end of the series is the END not planning on leaving it open ended.
- Danielle and KArl fate decided in Episode 4x09 - They were shot with bullets.
- They do NOT regret picking an end date and they lobbied for it since Season 1 and it is what they always wanted to do.
- Confirm that season finale is written and in the process of revising
- Saywer is not part of O6 but Jack and Kate are which will ultimately will decide Sawyer's fate. Skaters and jaters will have many romantic scenes to be happy about
- Jacket will be revisited in epi 10
- They loved Find815 and hope to do similar type of prolouge to lead into S5
- 34 Episodes left after this season
- Will we see Emilie de Ravin next season...!? No Comment but there are very "compelling events" before season finale
- Orchid to play BIG role in finale
- May 15th Season finale Part 1 - No Place Like Home Part 1
- May 29th Season Finale Part 2 (2hours) - No Place Like Home Part 2
- Large and "seismic" events will happen for all the Losties before the end of season with some fates clear while others will not be as clear
- The show ends in 2010 how do you figure out this whole process to reach that point? Do you know the last scene or line??
- YES last scene has been determined, but say they do have some wiggle room with last line but have been working towards it.
- Four-Toes Statue WILL be explained before the series ends
- Going to See more of the The Four-Toed Statue
- Going to see more of the Smoke Monster
- Going to more of Jacob
- They confirm the Finale title that we broke a while ago as "There's No Place Like Home"
- They said whether or not Danielle is dead, we'll get her backstory.
- "no comment" when asked if Emilie De Ravin is back next season.
- More of Jeff Fahey in the coming few episodes.
- There will be a "bounty of romantic scenes" with both Jate and Skate.
- We'll revisit the Juliet / Jack relationship on May 1.
- Going to see more of Alan Dale, they said more than we might expect.

Read the Full Report Here

Source: The ODI

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