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Update: 20th April My source who was initially convinced about Josh Holloway filming some Lost scenes in LA is now not quite so sure. He thinks he may have jumped the gun based on some info he received. So it's still unclear if indeed he was filming in LA. Only time will tell and of course if we get any confirmation either way we'll update you on the situation.

Update: 21:10 And before I go completely insane replying to the same question over and over again.... Sawyer is NOT one of the Oceanic 6 :). The Oceanic 6 are for the very last time.

Aaron (yes he really is), Kate, Jack, Hurley, Sun, Sayid

If I get another email about who the O6 are I will hunt you down a slap you with a kipper.

Update: 19:00 GMT Rather than replying to the dozens of emails and comments etc. I will tell you that the only other thing I can say at the moment is that "This is NOT filming for a Flashback". Also as I mentioned in the comments, he was not filming at the airport but was in LA for filming.

That's really all I can say at the moment so please don't email asking for more lol. As soon as I'm allowed to post I will and you will be the first to see it here.

Now I'm not one for all the "Celeb" sites like TMZ and Perez Hilton but TMZ have stumbled upon a spoiler that I can now share with you all.

Josh Holloway was caught at LAX airport and I can confirm to you all that he was there for some top secret Lost filming.


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