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Update: 18:30 It looks like this is a hoax as several Italian websites are reporting an Interview with Ricky Memphis that this is not true. LOL. Probably started by his agent :)

You can see the previous time I was "gotcha'd" here.

Update: 18:00 This article written in Italian seems to indicate that this is indeed a hoax, although some of my Italian friends say that this is not the most reliable site themselves. My gut instinct is tell me this is a foiler now. Sorry for any confusion. If I hear any more on this I'll keep you posted.

Update: 17:43 This might well turn out to be an elaborate foiler involving multiple sources, IP addresses etc. I'm just checking with some other sources as one of them said that it is true.

Watch this space.


We recently posted a rumour about Ricky Memphis appearing in Lost. We can now confirm that this rumour was indeed true and on top of that I can reveal some details of the scene he is in thanks to my Italian Lost contact.

Future Jack (with no beard) is going to get his car in the hospital's parking zone.

Memphis is a random guy making a phone call to a guy called Avellino (Sayid Flashforward anyone?).

At some point the phone stops functioning and Memphis approaches Jack speaking Italian, but with it is clear that he wants Jack to lend him is phone. Jack smiles and says he doesn't understand (of course he's lying... Jack is kind of a jerk in the future as it's established in all the flashes of this episode)

Memphis with a poor English says "Please Doctor Shephard"

Jack ask what he has just said and Abaddon appears.

Abaddon "Let me introduce you Emilio Duranti"

Jack seems to recognize the name. It's a name heard in the episode.

Abaddon says something to Duranti (speaking in arab) and then Duranti goes away. We never see Memphis again in the episode, but Abaddon-Shephard deals with previous meeting of Hurley and Abaddon (4x01), Duranti's son and Miles Straume, who has apparently left the island.

Source: Italian Lost Fans ifighi via DarkUFO

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