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Update: 5th April Ryan has updated his Hawaii Blog with some updated into on the filming.

It’s been a busy week for the “LOST” production team, and with five episodes to produce in a little over a month, that’s hardly surprising. We’re deep into the production of Episode 4×11, which is apparently Locke-centric, and “LOST” crews have been spotted all over the island working hard to bring the story to your TV screens.

On Thursday, workers returned to the old Waimano Home in Pearl City, where Locke’s birth (and an apparent visit by Richard Alpert) was filmed the day before. I’m told the folks on set were much less talkative on day two, and the set was apparently a different part of the facility… but both Terry O’Quinn and Lance Reddick (Matthew Abbadon) were seen in the neighborhood.

That same day, visiting German student and fan Marcel again caught “LOST” at work, this time high in the mountains. They were filming an on-island scene along Manoa Falls Trail, complete with mysterious DHARMA door in the grassy hillside. He saw Josh Holloway and Emilie DeRavin in the morning, and when I joined him during my lunch break, we watched Daniel Dae Kim, Yunjin Kim, Rebecca Mader and Jeremy Davies traipse through the jungle, over and over and over again. Making television is hard work!

But that’s not all. Word quickly spread on the coconut wireless thanks to some excited Teach for America workers, a handful of which were thrilled to find “LOST” setting up shop at Leilehua High School in Wahiawa (just one town over from where we live in Mililani). I headed up to the campus after work, and was able to watch them film a couple of scenes.

The young extras were dressed in 1960s fashions (brown gingham dresses and high socks), including several cheerleaders… much to the delight of some Leilehua High School boys that were hanging around. And attention was focused on a young man with brown hair, a collared shirt, and a severe countenance. It was John Locke at sixteen, having an intense conversation with a teacher, a green “Cowin Heights Knights” school crest hanging over his shoulder. Let’s just say our “Man of Faith” has had issues with science for a long time.

“LOST” returned to Wahiawa today, filming more at Leilehua High, and filming another scene elsewhere in the neighborhood. No sign of any actors, but the sight of some classic American cars was hard to miss.

Source: Hawaii Blog

Hey all if you are wondering what is up with on-island filming we should have more soon. Nothing too spoilery yet, but check it out.

I just chatted with our good friend Ryan@HawaiiBlog and he confirmed that in addition to the High School Filming yesterday, some On-Island scenes were filmed by the LOST cast and crew as well.

No real spoilers yet, but he confirmed that several of the Losties were on set or as he put it "saw four stars (and missed two more) in an island scene" and that he will make a post later with more details and set photos. So keep checking back here for an update soon.

I am assuming since this is a Locke FB episode that Team Locke was on set.

Thanks for stopping by and namaste.

Source: ODI

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