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With Dark away I just wanted to let you all know one of our best sources of LOST spoilers just emailed us some MAJOR LOST spoilers.

I have already posted some of this on my site, but here is a little snippet of the info below. There is much much more at the link so please make sue you check it out!!

Make sure you are 100% sure you want to know what will happen in Part 1 of the finale of LOST Season 4 before reading.

Thanks to AFD

Well Kristin reported a week ago that Kate was scheduled to get another centric episode this season and our source has confirmed that she does indeed get that episode!! It will be episode 4x12 (part 1 of the two part finale).

However, the shocker is that Kate is exposed to high amounts of radiation and electromagnetism and begins flashing like Desmond. Not able to control her flashes Kate snaps by killing Jack in a Flashforward and Sawyer in real time on-island. With out any constant the touching moment at the end has Kate dying because of the sickness "side-effects".

Our source confirmed the writers have taken this route because they are fed up with the LOST Triangle....!!

Can you believe it!?

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Source: ODI

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