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I just chatted briefly with our good friend Ryan from Hawaii Blog who provided us with his latest filming update.

Ryan mentioned that Sun was the only Lostie spotted on this set over the weekend, but during our chat he seemed pretty certain that her father Mr. Paik was on set as well.

Check out his set report below:

You know it’s crunch time for the “LOST” production crew when the work week stretches to six days. My friend Ian Kitajima stumbled across the production crew at the First Hawaiian Center in downtown Honolulu on Saturday. I had to wait until this morning to see if another friend who works in the building had heard anything. The grapevine in the tower turned up only one “star” for the weekend shoot: Yunjun Kim. Since the second-floor Contemporary Museum space previously served as the corporate office of Sun’s father, the powerful Mr. Paik, I suspect that the Korean mogul — and his extensive corporate interests — will reemerge in the growing web of “LOST” conspiracies.
Source: Hawaii Blog

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