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Matthew Fox, who plays Dr. Jack Shephard on ABC's Lost, told SCI FI Wire that the upcoming final five episodes of the fourth season will be packed with action, a few surprises and a change for his character.

"You won't believe what happens in the next five episodes," Fox said in a group interview on April 18 while promoting his upcoming film, Speed Racer. "The show is building to its climax of the year, and it's a lot of things happening. It's big, and it's going to be good."

Fox added that things may change for his character, who has appeared in "flash-forwards" as an emotional wreck. "Jack's a frickin' mess in the future," Fox said. "So that's been not pleasant to revisit that. It's never fun to put yourself into a place where you're suicidal and really, really messed up and desperate. So, yeah, he's really gotten to the rock bottom, but I understand why we're taking him there, and there will be a turn in there where he begins to sort of build towards a redemption. And taking him to the very pit of despair is going to make, I think, that more rewarding."

Lost has been on a break during the fourth season, which was interrupted by the writers' strike. "I think it's been a good year for us," Fox said. "The strike, obviously, was difficult, just because we were really on a roll through [episode] eight, then we took this break. But I think everybody was really excited to get back to it."

Now that the strike is over, the cast and crew have had to film several episodes at once in order to finish the season on schedule. "It's been, you know, chaotic," Fox said. "I mean, you know, as it always is this time of year for us. I mean, we're doing many shows [at once]. I think we're shooting three episodes simultaneously, essentially. So it's like anywhere between two and three units working at the same time and going back and forth between them and shooting things very out of sequence, which you always do, but I think when you're covering three episodes, it's a lot. But it's great. I mean, it's really great."

Lost returns with the first of its new episodes on April 24 in its new timeslot, Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT.sptv050769

Source: SciFi Wire

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