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Thanks to Sarah for the heads up on this E!Online article by Jennifer Goodwin in which they discuss with Eddie Kitsis last weeks episode along with a few minor spoilers and hints.

This is woefully delayed, due to the plague that swept through E! Online last week, but we checked in with Lost coexecutive producer Eddie Kitsis about last week's ep of Lost, "Something Nice Back Home," and got his awesome insights on:

* What exactly drove Jack to kick-start that pesky Clonazepam addiction?
* When we might see the Oceanic Six next?
* Why are some characters going crazy while others are finally turning sane?

Lesson No. 1, Motherhood Beats Paxil Any Day of the Week: I don't know about you guys, but to me, future Kate is stunningly even-keeled, especially when compared with the girl we've seen before and on the Island. What's up?

According to Eddie: "You could say motherhood suits her. In the flash-forwards of this season, and even of last season, when she meets Jack and she's annoyed with him, there's a sense of purpose to her, there's some clarity to her. There's so much devotion to that child, and she appears to be such a great mother—that's maybe what you're picking up on...I think when you have a child, they come first. Even though it's not hers, just the fact of taking care of Aaron may have helped her put away some other issues. Or not. It is Lost." But still...progress!
Evangeline Lilly, Lost

Lesson No. 2, Happiness Is Hot Coffee and a Warm Girlfriend: According to Eddie: "Like anything with Lost, you're just seeing a small amount of time in what is going to be a much larger picture, but I think 'Something Nice Back Home' was interesting because you saw a time, maybe brief, where Jack was happy. For that brief time, Jack decided after the trial at some point to pursue his relationship with Kate, to go see Aaron, and if you see that first scene, when he steps on the Millennium Falcon and he was making coffee, that was a Jack who was content." So, where'd it all go wrong?

Lesson No. 3, Sometimes You Should Just Talk to Your White-Shoed Dead Father: Unlike Hurley, who doesn't take his pills so he's able talk to Charlie, Jack takes pills so he can avoid seeing his dead dad—even though the ever-wise Hurley says that Christian will be coming by specifically to talk to Jack. Why the differing approach to communing with ghosts?

Says Eddie: "Jack has always been a man of science. He's always been a man of science, and there has to be something logical. The scene where Jack is starring at the bench where Hurley sits when Charlie visits him, I think in that moment he's thinking, my life right now is pretty good, I don't want to end up here."

Awww, come on, Doc, sitting under a banyan tree hanging with your BFF? That's awesome—who cares if the guy is dead?!
Elizabeth Mitchell, Lost

Lesson No. 4, Jacket Is Down, But Not Out: Don't assume that Juliet's self-sacrificing speech to Kate in the medical tent is the last we'll ever see of Jacket. Says Eddie: "Is that the end of Jack and Juliet? That is a definitive question that I can't answer, because...I can't. Because I work on Lost, and Damon and Carlton are parked outside my house, listening." Translation? It looks to me like a Jacket romance is unlikely at this point, but not altogether off the table.

Lesson No. 5, There Are Many Off-Island, O-Six Stories Yet to Come: Don't think that season four is the only season of Oceanic Six stories. According to Eddie: "I think that through the next two seasons, you will see bits and pieces of all the time off the Island, be it when they come back or a year later after they return. There are many interesting stories left to be had for all of the Oceanic Six."

Lesson No. 6, Eddie Is One of Us: Last but not least, even if you do think your flu is West Nile Virus, don't try and tell Eddie Kitsis that you're the most worst hypochondriac in the world. Says Eddie, "You haven't met me and Adam, because we don't touch doorknobs. I am known for being able to walk into the writers' room, to actually leave a bathroom, go into the kitchen, grab water, come into the writers' room and never touch anything. It is a skill I am known for on the show." Awww...Now

that's my kind of guy!

Source: E!Online

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