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I know there are only a couple of hours left until tonight's episode airs on the east coast, but DocArzt has decided to use Ausiello style asterix puzzles for a few more spoilers.

Here you go and good luck:

Since I rarely give big spoilers and I know how you guys LOVE Ausiello's asterix quizzes, I figured I'd break from tradition and spill a few major moments from tonight's episode, while giving you all something to sleuth over. They are toughies! I'm not about to make it easy, and I won't verify when somebody gets it right. Enjoy and be sure to post your guesses.

1. **** **** **** ** *e *** ****.
2. ***** ****** *h* **e*** l***'* **o*t..
3. ****'* **** *** *p***** ** *** ************.
4. ***** ***s****** ******* ***** ******.

Source: DocArzt

Posted By: ODI

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