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In a recent article Yunjin Kim responded to a question with the following answer. Is this the first time that we've had confirmation that Paik and Hanso were connected?

1) What do you find the most challenging aspect of performing the flash-forward scenes?
The most challenging aspect is not knowing the whole storyline. I'm left to fill in a lot of blanks. For example, what happened to Sun when she finally returned to Korea? We know she delivered her baby, Ji Yeon, but how did she find out her father, Mr. Paik, is seemingly connected to the Hanso Foundation?

And there so many more ... I'm left guessing a lot of these things on my own and hope for the best.

2) Can you offer some teasers/hints about the Oceanic 6's great escape?
Without giving too much away ... I have to say the Oceanic 6's great escape feels like it was inevitable. A lot of events occurred, some heroic sacrifices, fortunate accidents, fate, but most importantly, love saved them.

3) If you could ask the writers for one thing in Season 5 for your character, what would it be?
For Sun to turn into an assassin and join Sayid for revenge. ;)

Source: LA Times

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