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Damon Lindelof & Carlton Cuse prehash the two-hour season finale airing on Thursday, May 29th from 9-11pm

Key points as I go.

- Special repeat of Part of Finale before Parts 2 and 3 which will show deleted scenes from the Press Conference of the O6. (You can see what these were on Ryan's Podcast)
- The Orchid will be seen in the Finale
- They don't say who Abaddon works for but he is not "top of the chain"
- They discuss there favourite characters - CC is Sawyer, Damon's is Jack (He prefers Jack with chest hair).
- We will see Walt again
- The Island will not let Widmore, Ben and Jack die until it's finished with them
- The Island stopped Jack from committing suicide.
- They will be going into radio silence until Comic Con in July.
- A few more podcasts after Comic-Con will follow before Season 5 starts
- ABC advisory panel have nominated an episode for Emmy consideration

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