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What to know who THE KISS is between

Update: 16th May Well after seeing the Promo for the Finale in 2 weeks I can confirm that the "Spectacular" kiss that people like Kristin have been raving about is between Kate and Sawyer. But there is more to that scene that has not been revealed yet. This will be revealed in more detail when we post the synopsis highlights for the finale from Lostfan108 either on Sunday evening/Monday morning UK Time.

Update: 21:55 GMT The ODI has just updated his poll and removed another one of the options. He said he would update one more tonight but I will be asleep as I have to get up at 3:00am! So check his site out later for further dates.

Update: 17:30 GMT The ODI has just updated his poll and removed one of the options.

Ever since a "Big Kiss" was revealed a while ago, the Internet boards have been a buzz about who will get this kiss. We'll my good friend The ODI contacted me today and said he'd received details of the kiss and wanted to run it past me now that I have the Finale synopsis to make sure it was legit. I've can confirm that the person who sent The ODI the spoilers, like Lostfan108, has seen the episode and the details of the kiss are correct.

He is currently posting a number of polls and will release the info "soon" as he narrows down the poll options.

You can check out his post and polls here and vote on who you think the kiss will be between.

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