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Kristin at E! Online who recently interviewed JJ Abrams.

Abrams new show cast Lance Reddick (Abaddon on LOST) on his new show Fringe. so many fans were worried about Reddick's availability for both shows.

Of course as expected, it helps that Abrams knows the LOST producers just a bit. :)

Here are the details, Thanks to LyLy for the heads up:

Meanwhile, for those of you wondering about the casting of Lance Reddick (Lost's Matthew Abbadon) as a series regular on Fringe, J.J. said it's a safe bet he'll reappear on the Island. "When we were casting him, we hesitated because of his Lost character," J.J. admitted. "But then I realized if he goes and does another show, he'll be less likely to do Lost, so let's get him on this one, because I know the producer."

Read More of Interview Here: E! Online

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