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Hey All,
After posting that there was an open casting call this past weekend in Hawaii, one of my readers from Hawaii grabbed her sister and they went down to the casting area.

Luckily she sent over a couple of reports and pictures for us to enjoy.

Here is the post I made on my site:

In addition to the Spanish speaking people, it seems like the casting people were actually looking for any one who knew a foreign language and it seems like the producers might be searching for several different Aarons!?

NOTE: In the first picture I tried to screencap the person that apparently the casting people were "VERY" interested in. It is not the one sleeping in the chair, but the bald guy in the background. Click the image to enlarge it.

Here are the reports:


As you can tell there was a very diverse showing of people. Anyways, if you look to the very right of the picture, there is a black man in a tan button up shirt- that's the guy that was pulled aside and asked about his experience. The casting person was VERY interested in him.

The second picture is where we entered into the cafeteria to fill out a form and have our headshot taken by some staffers. From showing up to walking out the door, it took us 2.5 hours for the whole experience!


I read on your page that someone said at the open casting call they were looking for Spanish speaking individuals. I can speak Spanish and had that on my "resume" so I'll let you know if I get a call back ;) I never heard that they were specifically looking for Spanish speaking. They could also be searching for Japanese/Korean due to the Jin/Sun storyline. All they said at the casting call is that they were looking for ANY foreign language.

Here's a bit of info- a man besides us got pulled out of line to answer some questions about his skills. He was a bald, black man. Strange how they zeroed in on him. That's the only one I saw get special attention.

There were many children there and those who were boys, blond hair, blue eyes were of special interest- NO MATTER WHAT AGE. I saw some as old as about 5 and down to the babies being photographed.

If I hear of anything, I'll be sure to let you know.

Source: IslaBonita@TheODI

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