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Thanks to Suzanne for the heads up.

I know there have been alot of filming spoilers recently, but I found this one on the Lost TV spoiler forum that I don't think I've seen here or anywhere else. Some interesting stuff, that also seems to indicate that Jack is still sporting the beard of doom, and the Jack/Kate scene earlier this week seems most likely to be a flashback.

I gave you the link to thread if you want to follow up with this poster.

Here's the post:

I saw them filming yesterday right off Paiea St. by the Honolulu Airport. I got to watch just a bit and I saw Sayid & Ben in a van that had _________ Rainier Carpet Cleaning written on the side, ( Sorry, I can't remember the first part). Sayid was driving & Ben was sitting shot gun. Sayid had on a white tank top with long pants & Ben wore a dark long sleeve shirt & long dark pants. Both were dressed very casually.

The van drove up a ramp into to a covered parking area followed by a black BMW 740 Both cars had California license plates. The crew kept spraying both car with water to make it look like they had come driving in from the rain. The BMW was driven by a chauffer & in the back seat was a person (I think male) with white hair and they were not tall. The car had tinted windows so I couldn't see much of the person in the back seat.

Inside the parking structure the van pulled into an empty parking space & the BMW followed them up the ramp & pulled in the opposite way so that the cars were side by side but facing opposite directions.

They filmed a scene with the chauffer talking to Ben through the vans' window.

Jack was also there. He had on a tank top & jeans. His hair was long & messy & he had a full beard with a band-aid over his eye. He looked liked he did in last season's finale.

Didn't see any interaction with Jack & the others while I was there but he must be in the scene somehow if he was at that location.

It looked like whoever was in the back seat of the BMW had white hair & was a male. I asked one of the guys on the set if it was Charles Widmore & he said no but then he said it was a new character & he wanted me to be surprised when I watched it. But he said it with a sly smile so I don't really know if I believe him. He also said they were filming this scene for episode 4 and it should be airing about the 2nd week in February.

Source: HaleiwaDiva@LostTV-Forum

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