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Hey All,
Here is an interesting tidbit. apparently the Hoffs/Drawler Funeral home is going to be used again in Season 5, but it is setup for Simon's Butcher Shop!!

Simon's Butcher shop you ask? Well if you remember back to Charlie's dream sequence in Fire + Water he sees his father Simon as a butcher in their home.

So is it possible that this is Charlie's father's shop?? Are we going to get more of Charlie's story?? Is it a Hurley and Ghost Charlie related scene...or a random shop!?

What do you all think??

Thanks to Lyly for the heads up.

From Hawaii comes word that Hoffs/Drawler has been redressed as "Simon's Butcher Shop." Yes, that is Simon as in Simon Pace. Could this mean we'll be seeing Charlie era flashbacks early on in season 5? Time will tell.

Source: DocArzt

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