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With production for Season 5 of LOST in full swing we bring you a couple of more set reports and pics!!

The LOST crew was hard at work filming in two separate parts of the island today. The first set was in a parking garage where Jack's car (Ford Bronco) was spotted, while the other crew was setup on the beach doing some Jungle scenes with several of the island Losties, including Sawyer, Juliet, Rose, Bernard, Charlotte and Miles!!

Looks like the whole gang is there and OK! I was surprised to hear that the good dentist (Bernard) makes an appearance, but good to see he is back filming with ALL of the other cast members as well. Apparently they were filming a scene in the jungle and it was for the season premiere Because You Left.

Also it seems like Jack's car is in the same spot when he met Kate after her trial in Eggtown.

What do you all think!?

As always thanks to our friend Ryan for the update and here are the reports:

The “LOST” production crew was hard at work the day after Labor Day, spotted on opposite ends of the island. At least two units were filming today, one in Waikiki and the other on the North Shore.

This morning, I was directed into Waikiki, where workers were just setting up for a shoot at King Kalakaua Plaza. Under it, to be precise, in the parking garage for Niketown and Banana Republic.

And sitting in the corner, waiting for its cue, was Dr. Jack Shephard’s trusty steed, the old Ford Bronco.

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But that’s not all. My wife Jen and I happened to have dinner last night with Dustin and Elvee, visiting “LOST” fans we first met at Comic Con in San Diego. And they just happened to be headed out to the North Shore today.

I encouraged them to stop by the beach set at Papailoa, a.k.a. Police Beach, as I’d heard there’d been some goings on lately. And sure enough, “LOST” was filming there today, too.

Says Dustin:

“Saw Sawyer, Rose, Bernard, Juliet, Miles and Charlotte. First scene we saw had Sawyer, Bernard, Rose, and Juliet. They appeared to be having a conversation in the jungle. Second scene had Charlotte and Miles, going back to camp. We watched for about 90 minutes. According to one of the crew, it was for Episode 5×01.”

Source: Hawaii Blog

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