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Update: 09:50 GMT Thanks to Penelope for also finding this little bit from Ausiello.

"Now I'll return the favor with another one of my phenomenally successful multiple choice quizzes, this time pertaining to the fate of a certain MIA island on Lost. We will come to learn that one of the following is true in Lost's fifth season premiere.
A. The Island moved forward in time.
B. The Island moved backward in time.
C. The Island did not move in time, but it did move in space -- to another location on the planet.
D. The Island did not move in time or space -- it's still there, but Dharma tech renders it invisible to the naked eye."

Source: EW

Here is the latest tidbit from EW's Ausiello who followed up the spoiler about Claire not appearing in Season 5 to confirm that she will definitely be returning at some point.

Ausiello spoke to LOST Producer Damon Lindelof after the Emmys who confirmed that it is all part of the "grand plan".

Here you go:

Question: Thanks for the interview with Emilie de Ravin, but do you know for SURE that Claire will be back for Lost's sixth and final season? I'm suspicious. -- Devon

Ausiello: I was too, but then I asked executive producer Carlton Cuse and he put my mind at ease. "Claire is a wonderful part of the show and the audience can rest assured that they will see [her] again on Lost," Cuse told me Sunday night at the Governor's Ball. "It's just all part of Damon and my grand plan for how the story is going to be best told. And we don't want someone to be on the show and not be serviced well. The story that we're telling this year is going in some other directions, but we'll circle back around to include Emilie we think in a very exciting way."

Source: EW

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