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Episode 5.07 - Casting Call

Here is a casting call for Episode 5.07 (No title). Shooting for this episode takes place from 28th Oct through to 12th November

Speculate below as to just what the hell might be happening in this episode :)

70s, Caucasian. Successful, handsome and charming rogue with a twinkle in his eye. A guy who can still fight the establishment and win...GUEST STAR. LIKELY RECURRING.

30s-40s with Czech accent. A scientist. Very intelligent and creative. He's excited to show his boss his latest discovery. Has worked hard and knows he's on the brink of something big...GUEST STAR. MUST HAVE AN AUTHENTIC CZECH ACCENT OR BE ABLE TO DO AN IMPECCABLE CZECH ACCENT.

30s-40s, any ethnicity, attractive. Charming, coy and knows how to get what she wants. Has spent a lifetime in bars and can read a guy better than he knows himself...CO-STAR.

20s, Indian (South Asian), pretty. Sweet, fun-loving professional young woman who can be tougher than she appears. Can deal with difficult customers with charm and ease...CO-STAR.

Male, 30-35, Indian (South Asian) he's smart and professional. He's used to working with difficult and annoying people, so he's developed a kind but firm demeanor...CO-STAR

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