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**UPDATED** 12AM PST Ryan has posted an update confirming Locke was with Abaddon, still in his wheelchair and that he filmed a scene speaking to Walt. The scene does take place in NY and I am posting a couple of the set pics below.

NOTE: Ben was apart of the scene but Ryan missed him and apparently several fans were along the streets watching so I am sure we will get even more updates!!

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Original Post:

Hey All,
Ryan just posted a little update about the filming that is taking place today.

The cast and crew have setup to film more of the Locke/Abaddon storyline (Episode 5x06) and this time it is at an "upscale preschool" that is setup as Fieldcroft School.

Not many details of the scene yet, but the good news is Abaddon, Locke, Ben and possibly even Walt are set to make appearances!!

Ryan says he will be heading to the set and hopefully be able to get us some more details so please keep checking for updates!!

You can read the full report here:

Hawaii Blog - LOST at School

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