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Hey All,
I know some of you have probably seen a post about this podcast on the front page of the site, but I wanted to make a little post for all of you spoiler lovers out there that might not visit the front page.

The latest ODI LOST podcast we recorded was with Ryan and Jen from The Transmission. Yup the same Ryan that is responsible for so many nice set reports and pics.

Since we recorded this a little over a week ago there are no new spoilers, but this recording took place between the Locke/Walt and Locke/Car Crash reports so we discuss that episode quite a bit. We provide you with our thoughts about the Season 5 promo, the episode titles that have been released, several other spoilers and the podcast provides you with a great insight on Ryan being in Hawaii.

There are also some tips for fans that might be traveling to Hawaii and hope to check out some of the LOST sets.

Thanks for listening and to Ryan and Jen for their time. Hope you all enjoy!!

Here is the link to the podcast:


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