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With Lost Season 5 fast approaching I was trying to think of some interesting way for my sources to provide information to us in the build up. I've emailed my 7 best contacts to see if they could meet a little challenge that I've set them.

From today until the start of Season 5 I've asked them to provide me with enough images, that can't yet be found anywhere else, that will enable me to post 3 images per day from the first 2 episodes of Season 5, Because You Left and The Lie.

So each day, I'll be posting 3 images from Episode 5.01 and 5.02.

Note: Some images could be very spoilerly, some could be mundane, some ambiguous. Remember I'm just the messenger and I'm posting what my sources send me. The images will be posted as small thumbnails so that those who don't want to see them can avoid them as best as possible and for those who don't want to be spoiled at all, I suggest you vacate the spoiler section. I personally don't know which images are from which episode so it's up to you all to try to guess what the images are and which episode they are from.

So lets see if I can muster my sources to complete the challenge. Here are today's images.

* Images removed as per the request of ABC. Sorry *

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