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After the great set photos of the Losties in Dharma jumpsuits were posted yesterday, many spotted actor Eric Lange wearing a jumpsuit that appeared to have the name "Radzinsky". Of course this began a little debate on whether Lange was really playing infamous Radzinsky because the casting call was for a character named Marty Jankowsky. Yes, I am sure most were already convinced especially since LOST is known for having fake names on casting calls. But we were not sure because even Sawyer is wearing a suit with the name "LaFleur".

Well thanks to one of our inside sources we can definitely confirm 100% that he indeed is playing Radzinsky and is in Episodes 5x09 and 5x10!!

Additionally, there seems to also be some debate about when the set pics were taken because of Sawyer wearing the Jumpsuit with the name LaFleur, which is very similar to the title of of Episode 5x08 (LaFleur). So many fans thought perhaps the pics were taken when that episode was being filmed, but we have a confirmation that the images were definitely taken in between scenes for Episode 5x10 He's Our You and were taken on Dec. 16th.

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Source: The ODI

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