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**UPDATED** Set photos added. Also Ryan now has a full report posted that reveals Sayid enters the building and leaves with something under his jacket.

Hey All,
Last season we saw Sayid in the snow in Germany via a Flash forward and today we get word from our good friend Ryan in Hawaii that Sayid will be in the snow again, but this time in Russia at Oldham Pharmaceutical!? Apparently Oldham Pharmaceutical is written in Russian above the doorway that Sayid walks in and out of and you can view that pic at Ryan's Flickr.

Ryan posted the initial details via his Twitter and promises more details, so keep checking back here for a full report soon.

For those that do not have Twitter it is a great way to follow our posts here at DarkUFO. Plus, if you want to have some more insight on Ryan, make sure you follow him as well.

View Full Report and More Pics Here: Hawaii Blog

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