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Hey All,
If you have already listened to Part 2 of our most recent ODI LOST Podcast, then you will know we interviewed Jon Barrand. Jon is a LOST fan that moved to Hawaii and was able to get a role as an extra in Season 5!!

His scenes were with Desmond at the Oxford University set!! So yes it is an off-island scene that required them to wear cold-weather clothing and Des seemed to be possibly looking for someone or something in the scene. Based on other spoilers, it seems like this will all take place around Episode 5x04 The Little Prince.

After our little interview with Jon, we continue the podcast with our Season 5 Spoilers Summary, which covers all of the spoilers from the past month.

Below are a couple set photos from the scenes that Jon was involved with and you can view more at Jon's MySpace Profile.

Hope you all enjoy!!

You can listen to the interview and spoilers summary podcast at the following link:


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