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Hey All,
As most of you know we have had several filming reports and set photos confirming that we will see the Oceanic 6 back on the island and with many of them in Dharma Jumpsuits. On-Island Losties Sawyer and Jin have also been spotted.

Well more fans have sent in reports to our good friend Ryan out in Hawaii providing us with a few new details.

Here is a little summary of the reports:

1) New Dharma Logo was spotted on the Othersvlle set, the logo with a wrench in the center!
2) Othersville is freshly painted and looks all nice and new.
3) A Dharma "Processing Center" is a part of the set, which includes several props including pictures of new recruits. The latest date spotted was 1976!
4) A yellow lab possibly Vincent was spotted.
5) Regarding the VW filming on the cliff (photos posted yesterday) Hurley was spotted in the driver seat while Sawyer had a Dharma Jumpsuit on, but Jack was in the shirt in tie still. Kate and LOST Producers Damon and Carlton were on set.
6) At another set at Kawela Bay,some large props were spotted including a structure that seems like a 20 ft tall Teepee with out the covering.
7) Plus, as part of their most recent podcast at The Transmission, we get a confirmation that we will see Young Charlotte and learn about her birthplace afterall perhaps via a Charlotte Flashback or because the island has traveled back in time.

You can read the full reports over at Hawaii Blog and you can listen to the podcast at The Transmission.

Once again thanks to all the fans for the reports and Ryan for the heads up!

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