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Season 5 Hangman Game

Seeing that ABC have spoilt our fun with the Photo Challenge (bah humbug to them all!) and with a number of you emailing me with suggestions here is a new hangman game that I hope will be fun for you all. I've emailed one of my contacts for a spoilerly sentence or 2 that we can use for the game. This reveals quite a bit so don't read the comments, play if you don't want to be spoiled. Here is how it will work.

Every hour or so I will reveal a new poll with a new letter for you to select. The letter with the most votes when I decide to update will be revealed and another poll posted in it's place. This will continue until I go to sleep later tonight and for a few hours tomorrow morning (if you have not already got it). If by then it's not been fully revealed I will post it anyway before I leave for my New Year Celebrations. The final answer will be posted behind an "Are you Sure" button.

Remember this is just for fun but it's quite a good little set of reveals. Also note that grammar may not be my sources no.1 asset :)

So here is the clue and seeing as I'm feeling festive I've put the letter P in for you to get you started.

Update: 23:20 GMT Congratulations to everyone who took part and managed to get the puzzle before the last letter was due to be revealed. Despite my best efforts to sabotage you, you still managed it. I'll have to make the next one a LOT harder :) I hope you enjoy the spoiler.
Update: 22:45 GMT In the spirit of Xmas and seeing as how F and G were so close, I've added them both. There will be one more reveal tonight before I go to bed in about 40 mins or so, so choose wisely.
Update: 22:00 GMT You guys are good, but B was not a good choice. Choose wisely in the next poll.
Update: 21:30 GMT I've removed 1 one from the 2nd line as the grammar was awful :) lol
Update: 21:20 GMT New Poll and the Letter S revealed. Some of you are getting very close. Impressive work.
Update: 20:15 GMT New Poll and the Letter M revealed. I've also been generous seeing as you see to have guessed one of the words correctly and popped it in for you. The Clues will now be behind a button for those that don't want to be spoiled.
Update: 19:00 GMT New Poll and New Letter revealed plus a bonus number :)
Update: 18:25 GMT My Bad. I missed 2 A's out. It's now updated :)
Update: 17:45 GMT Congrats, you probably picked the best letter in terms of number of reveals. How will you fair with the next poll.

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