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Aaron and JiYeon Time Jump


Update: 12:00 Please remember this info was from the audition, which is normally what happens in the show, although it should be noted that on occasion that Lost producers sometimes audition from a scene that does not necessarily happen on the show. I've emailed some of my sources close to the show to see if this scene will actually be seen. Stay tuned as they say :)

Update: 11:15 This is for Episode 5.13

Thanks to my source Ames for the following information on a recent "secret" casting call/audition.

- A 20's yr old character is being sought.
- This character will play a character in the future on the Island
- This character for the Audition is called Chad but I can reveal the character is actually Aaron
- The Scene takes place in 2030
- Chad/Aaron interacts with a female called JiYeon on the Island.
- The scene was very short, less that 2 pages of script.

Source: DarkUFO

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