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Kristin at E! online has also posted her TCA report about the screening for LOST Episode 5x03 Jughead. This episode seems to be Desmond heavy and here are some other tidbits:

* This episode is an Oceanic Six-free zone. There are no appearances by Jack, Kate, Sayid, Hurley, Sun or Aaron.
* The title of the episode ("Jughead") refers to a thing not a person.
* One Islander declares his love and the object of his affection seems surprisingly elated about the announcement. Guesses?
* Charles "Big Bad" Widmore pops up three times in the episode and each appearance is more surprising that the last.
* Is Desmond your hero? If yes, you will be greatly pleased with this outing of the show, in which he totally kicks ass and takes names, even while he largely fails to achieve his declared goals.
* At least two new foreign languages are used in this episode, which means more subtitle funtimes. Apologies in advance to all the dyslexics out there.
* The following is not a line from the episode, but it could be: "Did you come back for your bong?"

Source: E! Online

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