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Thanks to Hoku for the heads up.

Ever since the characters of "Lost" were first stranded on that crazy tropical island, with its monsters, mad scientists and mercenaries, Hawai'i actors vying for roles on the hit drama have known it was harder to get onto the island than to escape it.

Not anymore. This season, the show's producers are on a mission to take a more serious look at local actors. "Lost" gave speaking parts to 30 Hawai'i-based actors in the first 11 episodes, hiring at a pace that could put more familiar faces on screen than in any previous season.

For starters, Wednesday's season premiere will feature nine local actors in two back-to-back episodes.

"This season, so far, every episode has a local actor," said Rachel Sutton, casting director for the series.

"I am really pleased. I have been surprised by many people. I think they have all been good. There is a lot of really good talent here."

"Lost" has used local talent in each of its previous four seasons — anywhere from 24 actors last season to 39 in the show's first year. Now, Sutton is "shooting for twice as many."

Patti Hastie, an actress from Hawai'i Kai, landed a part this season as a barfly in the seventh episode. She has six lines in a scene opposite Matthew Fox, one of the show's hunky stars. To say she's thrilled is an understatement.

Source: Honolulu Advertiser

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