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Thanks to Ruthio for the heads up on this little review of the Premiere. Not much that we did not already know.

OK, so I'm practically buzzing with excitement. Last night I was treated to a viewing of the first two episodes of Lost's fifth season - and wow, it was good.

As several US previewers have already noted, it's difficult to say much about the double-bill premiere without giving out some serious spoilers. Therefore - and at the risk of sounding like a broken record, or in fact risking my own life - I won't.

The producers have previously said that in season five, the notion of flashbacks and flashforwards will be less important. Indeed, the show seems to have a new catchphrase/question that reflects that perfectly.

All will become clear when season five premieres in a couple weeks time (Sun, Jan 25 in the UK and Wed, Jan 21 in the US). For now though, here's some things I can tell you about the opener:

* Shortly after meeting Ben at the funeral house, Jack shaves off that awful beard.
* We witness the construction of the most important Dharma station of all.
* Daniel makes it back onto the island.
* Richard Alpert gives Locke something important - and insists it be returned to him in short order.
* Hurley hearts little dogs.
* Desmond has an epiphanic "flashback" of his own.
* At least two characters return from the dead. Sort of.
* Hurley gets a lot of help from his parents.
* The camp disappears.
* Ben is working to a deadline.

I should add that this entry may be a little more amusing after you've seen the premiere.

Source: Digital Spy

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