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Update: 14th Feb Thanks to my good friend Cloclof31 from www.lost.forumsactifs.com for creating these Google Earth Maps of each of the co-ordinates shown in the sneak peek.

Here is the 2nd sneak peek.

You can discuss this further in our Official Sneak Peek 2 Thread

Thanks to Hypé' of www.lost.forumsactifs.com. for the transcript

Ms Hawking: I thought I said all of them?
Ben: This is all I could get on short notice.
Ms Hawking: I guess it will have to do..for now. Alright, let's get started. Shall we?

*Group descends into The Lamp Post station*

Jack: What is this place?
Ms Hawking: The Dharma Initiative called it 'The Lamp Post'. This..is how they found the island.

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