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Here is the latest from Kristin at E! Online, which is not too revealing, but here you go.

Jules in Waltham, Mass.: This isn't really a question, just something I'd like to share. The recent spate of Sawyer/Juliet spoilers have all but killed my interest in Lost. If you've got anything positive to share with Sawyer/Kate fans, now's the time, because it's really starting to look like a lost cause.

Don't give up hope yet, at least not before you see this promo where Sawyer announces that he's seen Kate in the jungle. Lots of good Skate angst is coming, I promise.

Kozmellah in Toronto: Hey, Kristin! I love the "Jughead" episode of Lost. It's possibly one of the best episodes ever. Could Mrs. Hawking be Daniel Faraday's mother?! What do you think?

Carlton did confirm that Mrs. Hawking is related to someone we already know. I think the odds are better than even that the person in question is Faraday?

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